Cremation Information and Package

*Package may vary depending on what hospital we service you through or if you come to us directly.
*Some urn changes are subject to a fee.

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Cremation Definitions
Communal Cremation: A cremation procedure in which multiple pets are cremated together without any form of separation. Cremated remains are not returned to the pet parent, but are instead scattered in a private garden. A paw print can be added to a communal cremation for an additional fee.

• Private Cremation: A cremation procedure during which only one pet is present in the cremation chamber during the cremation process. This pet is uniquely identified throughout the process. The cremated remains of your pet are the only remains processed and returned.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Be Sure I am Receiving My Pet’s Cremains?

We have many checks and balances in place to ensure accuracy along every step of the process.  We also follow strict guidelines and standard operating procedures to ensure accuracy of every step.

What Is the Process for The Clay Paw Print?

We process every paw print one at a time.  The process is very labor intensive. Typically, we use the front paws to make the impression.  If the front paw is not accessible, we will use a back paw. We press extremely hard to ensure we get a really good quality impression.  Once the paw impression is made, we place an identifying label on it and then we bake it in an oven.  Once it cools, we sand and paint them. We do not trim the nails or fur unless requested. If multiple paw prints are requested, we use the same paw unless noted otherwise.  If we are asked to do two or more different paws, we will label each paw accordingly.

Can Toys, Blankets, or Other Items Be Cremated with My Pet?

We do allow small toys, small blankets, or swatches of a blanket, flowers, letters, and photos to be cremated with your pet.  This is done by request only and needs to be noted ahead of time.  We cannot cremate large comforters, dog beds, or any metal objects.

Do You Offer Split Cremains?

Yes.  We can accommodate splitting of the cremains into two or more urns.  Your pet will be cremated as usual protocol then returned in several duplicate urns with multiple clay paw prints.  Please note additional fees apply to split cremains.

Do You Return Medical Implants?

No, we do not return medical implants.  All surgical pins, screws, and plates are separated from the bone fragments prior to processing and placing into the urn. If a family wishes to receive the implants, we can return them upon request.  Please note, some of the smaller pins and dental implants do not always make it through the high heat used during cremation.

What Happens if My Pet Arrives with His/her Collar or Harness?

We will cremate the pet with the collar on and we discard any metals left behind.  We cannot cremate harness’ so those will be removed and discarded prior to cremation unless requested otherwise.  We encourage the family to remove the harness or collar ahead of time if they wish to have it back.

What Happens to The Communal Cremains?

The Communal cremains are scattered in a private garden. Unfortunately, families cannot visit the private garden or be present for the spreading.  

Do You Offer a Certificate of Cremation?

Currently, we do not offer a certificate of cremation in our standard return package. We can provide one upon request.

What is the Turn Around Time for the Cremains to be Returned to the Veterinary Hospital or Hand Delivered Directly to the Pet Parent?

For the cremains being returned to the veterinary hospital, it can take up to 7 business days from the time we pick up from the hospital.  For the hand delivery option, we will call the pet parent within 7-10 business days to arrange the delivery to their home.

How Many Lines and Characters are Allowed on the Brass Name Plates?

The package includes up to 2 lines with 20 characters per line.  We can engrave up to 4 lines for an additional fee.

Can You Engrave Directly into the Cedar Urn?

Yes, upon request, we can engrave directly into the wood for an additional fee. Typically, we can accommodate up to 4 lines with 24 characters per line.

Do You Offer Custom Urns and other memorial products?

Yes, we offer a larger variety of custom urns and memorial products.  Please visit our website at or call us directly at 619-519-1711 for more information.